haven young adults


What Services Look Like

Service starts with a host welcoming everybody to the service. The host then transitions into a video which rolls right into worship. At Haven service our worship is free and open. We want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed so that they can worship how they want without judgement. We are passionate about our worship and our worship team will be sure to take you into a worshipful atmosphere where you can experience what God has for you. After worship the youth and young adults pastor - Sean Connor - will preach a message based on truth found in the Bible. Pastor Sean is an interactive speaker, he likes to hear his audience respond to the truth with him and he will be sure to motivate you to live like Christ by the end of service. After service there is always FOOD. You are welcome to stick around and hangout for as long as you want after service and dig in to the food, talk to Pastor Sean or someone on the leadership team, get to know new people, and catch up with old friends.


Sean Connor

Sean is the Youth and Young Adults Pastor at WHWC. He has been pastoring for over seven years and is a graduate from Rhema Bible Training College.


In between monthly gatherings, the Haven leadership team produces a podcast. This is so that everyone can stay connected during the off weeks of Haven services. The topics on the Haven podcast follow the previous Haven service’s focus and elaborate on discussion points that Sean didn’t get to in his message.

Pastor Sean and James Mortrude (the Tech Director for WHWC) are the hosts on the Haven podcast. Sean has been the youth and young adults pastor at WHWC for over seven years and is a graduate from Rhema Bible Training College. He also is the father of four children. James is a recent graduate from Lee University - a private liberal arts school in Cleveland Tennessee. There he majored in Theological and Biblical studies learning greek and the history of Christianity. Both hosts offer unique and different insights into the Christian experience.

In addition to the hosts, there are often guests on the podcast that come from all walks of life. The young adult community in Winter Haven FL is far from monolithic and the podcast’s mission is to be and stay relevant for ALL people in ALL walks of life.


Young Adult connect Groups

Haven strongly recommends that if you are a young adult you get plugged into a connect group so that you can stay in the loop in between Haven services. This is where the real work happens. Haven services are simply supposed to be a continuation of what’s happening in connect groups, Sunday morning, and on the podcast. It’s a time where all the connect groups can come together and celebrate the transformation that is taking place inside of everyone because of the Christ centered relationships that are forming behind the scenes.